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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Anxiety of THAT Day!

Second Wind Publishing had projected November 1st as the release date of my book. That day is approaching at a snail's pace. One thing for certain, on that day the sun will rise, the tide will roll in and McDonald's will flip burgers. The headlines in the papers will not read "The Phantom Lady of Paris is here!", nor will newscasters announce that lines of eager readers are at the bookstores waiting for the doors to open so they can rush in to buy copies of my beloved lady of Paris. Life always has a way of going on...

To be sure, I'll be on Cloud Nine at the chance to hold my novel--the other woman in my life--in my grubby hands. An idea that germinated in 1968 that I worked on sporatically over the years until Vonnie told me I needed another serious writing project. I blew the dust off the notebook and began entering the story into my computer. This process was followed by an almost infinite number of revisions. It is a story I love, set in a city I call the spiritual birth of my soul.

With all the latest changes in the publishing industry, most authors are now responsible for the promotion of their works. I will have to schedule book signings. I will seek out TV, radio and print coverage of my novel. It's a process I abhor. Creative people are expected to morph into marketing wizards, an uncomfortable process. Even so, I am pleased that my publisher will make my novel available in eBook format--the wave of the future. How many of you own Nooks or Kindles or iPads? Hey, buddy, wanna buy a book?

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