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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Solitary Profession

Writing is a lonely, solitary profession. Perhaps that's why I've spent countless hours writing in cafes, restaurants and Micky-D's, pencil in hand, ruthlessly destroying the pristine blankness of a sheet of paper. The buzz of humanity in the background calmed me somehow.

Take my time writing at sidewalk cafes in Paris, for example. I learned more about writing there than I did in the lecture halls of both Hampton and Howard universities. So, I challenge you to write, folks. The more you write, the better you will become.

And why do we write? We write because we have to. We write because our souls dry-up if we don't. We write to have that union, that completion that words, stories and characters bring us. We write because it gives us an insight into human beings--and into ourselves.


  1. Amen, Calvin! We write because our souls will dry-up. BTW, nice cover for The Phantom Lady of Paris.

  2. I'm the type who likes to work alone. I have always dreaded having to work in groups or teams in school and on the job. So, in a sense, writing fits me. But, I must evoke a disclaimer in case one of my kids read this: DOES NOT APPLY TO HOUSEWORK!